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At KFWC we believe when it comes to Men and how they handle their internal issues is based on those they surrounded themselves with.  KFWC Redemption Week-End is a program geared to bring men together, in order for them to acquire biblical based resolutions into their daily lives. KFWC uses the medium of Kayak Fishing to bring men together for one or two-night weekend trips, 3-6 men plus KFWC Ambassadors. There will be 1 Ambassador for every 3 men on the trip.

Thessalonians 5:11, Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

These trips consist of a time on the water for Kayak Fishing, in which each man can have some alone time however, knowing he is sounded by brothers. While on the water men may become comfortable in Gods’ creation which in turn gives the opportunity for the men to create relationships and friendships which enables the group to share about one’s personal issues.  After a time on the water, we will come back to shore in order to prepare for the evening dinner together. After supper, there will be a time to gather around the fire to debrief about the day’s events as well has to participate in open discussions in regards to struggles, needs, prayers, and hopes. This allows for a deeper time of Healing with one another

Romans 14:19, So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for the mutual up building

This all can be accomplished with a one night trip or repeated on a two-night trip. KFWC Redemption Week-End is a safe place for men to come together and develop new friendships, dig deeper into existing friendships as well. In addition, the group can grow a deeper trusting relationship with God and others, and in return release the burdens held inside that create walls, anger, anxiety, which all may lead to addictions of all kinds and destructive behaviors.

James 5:16 Tell your sins to each other. And pray for each other so you may be healed. The prayer from the heart of a man right with God has much power.


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KFWC Kayak Fishing Youth Summer Camp

This free camp will enable young people to learn the basics of conservation stewardship, kayak fishing ethics, angling skills and safety. All this within the context of Jesus Christ and His mandate to make Disciples and at the same time teaching each attendee how to be responsible stewards of their environment.

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Tournaments and Events

The KFWC Three Kings Slam is a 3 month long On-Line Florida tournament beginning in June. Each month will offer a different Species of fish, as well as Two Challenge stages along the months of June and July. This tournament will begin in June with it being the Peacock month, July with Snakeheads, and the tournament ending in August with Largemouth Bass.


KFWC Men's Bible Study

KFWC Bible Challenges these are bible studies aim at challenging the individuals involved to spend time in reading, prayer, asking questions as well as sharing what they have read, and what God is showing them through the study. The Bible Study  schedule can be found on FaceBook under the  Event Page and is lead by Holden Russell.


KFWC Meet-Ups

This is our yearly Meet-Up. Where all the members of KFWC get together to fellowship and catch some fish! 

As KFWC grown each year locations will vary throughout the country, so to give all members from different regions a chance to participate

Possum Kingdom State park KFWC Annual Meet-up

Purtis Creek State Park 2018 Texas Fall Meet Up

Dogwood Lodge Soddy Daisy 2019 TN KFWC Annual Meet-up

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