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Kayak Fishing Youth Summer Camp

This free camp will enable young people to learn the basics of conservation stewardship, kayak fishing ethics, angling skills and safety. All this within the context of Jesus Christ and His mandate to make Desiples and at the same time teaching each attendee how to be responsible stewards of their environment.


KFWC Summer Kayak Youth Fishing Camps strive to achieve several goals, but the main objective is to create within each individual his or hers responsibility for their own actions in life, and to show them a way to channel them self’s in a positive and healthy manner. While at the same time learning about team work, the environment and how God's hand plays in this and in our life’s.


At the summer camps kids will enjoy different clinics within the summer camp such, as knot tying, casting a fishing rod, learning about different baits, safety both on shore as well as Kayak safety which will include the proper use of PFD"s, the different types of Kayaks


Fishing equipment and bait are provided for kids to use during the clinic, but organizers encourage children who own fishing tackle to bring it. A limited number of rods and reels will be given away to participants upon completion of the clinic.

If conditions allow, participants will have the opportunity to practice their new skills and fish from the bank and some from an actual Kayak.


. This event is a photo catch-and-release activity. We ask that when possible that an adult accompany each youth, although we will have volunteers on hand they might be limited.


KFWC will do its best to make each child welcome and feel loved. This happens both through example and by hearing the word of God.


Disclaimer: The name Kayak Fishing With Christ tells the story of who and what we believe. We know there will be those out there that may not have the same beliefs that are a part of KFWC, so to this we say that is okay and we understand. But any child that participates will be hearing a word from Christ from all our volunteers. This event might not be for you.


Donation are appriciated! 


Thank you


kids fishing poles.png

Attendees receiving their own Rod & Reel at the end of the camp to take home. 

learning Station.jpg

Learning Station

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Great Fishing and Fellowship Opportunity

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