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KFWC Vision

The God given vision for KFWC is for us to share the love of Jesus Christ to as many Men as possible using Gods creation the Outdoors and our passion for Kayak Fishing.


Our immediate goals are:

1. To hold as many local KFWC Meet-Ups across the country.

2. To create a atmosphere where men can be comfortable enough to share with one another.

3.  Introduce the sport of kayak fishing to new comers.

4.  Develop weekend one day fishing camps for youths.

5.  Develop and grow partnerships with local churches, to bring awareness to other men about the sport of kayak fishing.

6.  To show Men that there are other ways to bring the word of God, from what is seen as the norm.

7.  To launch the KFWC Redemption weekends. This is a one or two night event where men can come together for more than just a few hours.  This a time men can fish, enjoy meals and share life both in a more intimate setting with one another.

8.  To help men grow in their Faith with Jesus so that they may become stronger leaders in their walk  with Jesus, family and within their communities.


Our long term goals:

1.  To grow our KFWC National Meet-Up to where it becomes a platform not just for men but for the whole Family.

2.  To have a KFWC Communities (ie Chapters) in each state, with trained ambassadors to help facilitate and grow each KFWC Community.

3.  To be able to hold KFWC Meet-Ups beyond our borders.

4.  To create a curriculum that can be used in our partner churches to help grow and develop an Outdoor Ministry using the platform of Kayak Fishing as the foundation “Paddling Towards The Son”

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