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Roderick & Cortney Tillman

I'm Roderick Tillman, Ambassador of South Alabama along the Gulf Coast. I'm thirty-three years old I have been happily married to my beautiful wife Cortney for five years now. We have two wonderful m kids. Colt is our oldest at four years old but you wouldn't know it by looking at him! He's a big boy! Our youngest Wrenlie is a year old. She is my little sweetheart. I work as a welder/boilermaker in and out of town. I have been doing this work for ten years now. I enjoy getting to travel all over the states and meet people from different parts. I just started kayak fishing about a year ago and I fell in love! I have built a strong passion for it and I hope to continue to get better at it. Jesus is my number one though! I wouldn't have anything if I didn't have him. So how could I not love something that combines them both! So here I am, I love this group and I hope to learn and grow with y’all! 

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