KFWC is proud to present our KFWC Flagship short sleeve jersey. The same high-quality wicking material as our long sleeve Flagship jersey. These shirts are custom cut, sewn, and printed just for KFWC. Made in Puerto Rico delivery takes 3-5 weeks from the date of order closing barring any natural disasters such as hurricanes which may shut down the mail delivery at times. These jerseys are shipped via USPS from Puerto Rico to the KFWC home office in DC, then they are forwarded to our members. 


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KFWC Short Sleeves FlagshipJersey

  • Please make sure that the name you send in is exactly how you would like it to appear on the back and that the spelling is correct. KFWC checks and double checks all spelling and we will verify when any doubt arrises with you. But any misspelling of names once verified is final.