These shirts are ordered by batch order, meaning KFWC will open this product for sale for up to two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, this product will be closed and all order is placed at once. Order delivery varies from 3-6 weeks most times sooner but just to be safe we have added an extended time period being they are shipping from Puerto Rico to the NC. 



The KFWC Flag-Ship Jersey is our stand out product. This jersey is made in Puerto Rico from the highest quality materials. This design with the water drops and the color is stocked exclusively for KFWC. Each shirt is cut to order for our members, using the dye-sublimation printing, the dye is transferred into the material by heat. This process allows the dye to be transferred into the material, not on to the material like other types of printing. 



KFWC Flag-Ship Jersey


    The KFWC Flag-Ship Jersey is only available through special order. Meaning KFWC will post a Pre-Order sale for two weeks during this period you may place your order, once the Pre-Order is over KFWc will place the order with our supplier in Puerto Rico. This process will take 4-6 weeks for the items to reach you. During this time the items are shipped to KFWC and then shipped out to you.


    KFWC tries its best to make sure that each order is sent and arrives in a timely manner but there are times that mother nature interferes with the delivery, those times are out of our control, also there might be times due to human errors that a order will arrive wrong when this happens KFWC will do its best to have this item replaced ASAP.