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Our Story

The vision for Kayak Fishing With Christ was birth from a prayer in 2013 by Santiago Rivera in NC, participating in a Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament.


Letitia, Santiago's wife has just blessed him with a water proof bible to keep with his kayak, and use while on the water fishing. On that day Santiago launch and dunked his bible in the water and as usual began praying for his safety and the safety of the other anglers involved in the tournament all awhile not realizing that 7 other kayak fishermen had joined in with him in his prayer. As he came to the end of his prayer said Amen the other men joined in agreement with him. Being surprised by the Amen that followed, Santiago could not but wonder why this had happened. Throughout the day he was approached by some of the men that had joined in the prayer, they shared a thank you and some even shared some of their testimony, as well as other who heard about what he had done thru his prayer for the group.

While returning home Santiago called his wife to share in his excitement of what had accrued that day, while speaking with his wife he felt The Holy Spirit give him a vision of four letters KFWC as he began to share with his wife the letters he was given, he again felt he was given the words Kayak Fishing With Christ.  Excited on this Santiago arrived home and went right to the computer to create a domain name as well as a website for KFWC. But before launching it once aging he was given a word by the Holy Spirit to wait for help so he did.

Two years  later Richard Harris and Santiago became friends on FaceBook they both began to share with each their heart for the lost and their love of Jesus Christ and Kayak Fishing. Santiago shared with Richard about KFWC and asked if he would join and help launch KFWC on Facebook. Two week later they launched KFWC on Facebook and to their surprise within 24 hours they had over 500 members. They both new there was something special about KFWC.

July 4,2015 Santiago & Letitia moved back to Florida that August KFWC had their first Meet-Up on Lake Okeechobee Florida where 8 men showed up to fish together two months later at another Lake Okeechobee Meet-up we had 18 men show up to pray and fish together but this time there was a twist men were actually sharing about themselves with one another thru out the day. October of 2015 with the help of Randy Newton KFWC became a 501c3 Non-Profit.

Our membership grew on Facebook the meet-ups became more frequent in Florida but interest was growing around the country for KFWC. In 2016 KFWC held their first Kayak Fishing Tournament to help raise money for a women’s battered sheltered as well as holding other Meet-ups thru out Florida.

With the growing national interest in KFWC in 2017 Santiago announce the first ever KFWC National Meet-Up at High Falls State Park GA in August. Everyone thought that KFWC was making a mistake due to the heat and humidity that time of year,  but once again Santiago felt that it was The Holy Spirit was doing the leading so he followed. As interest grew the expectation grew and the worry set in about the cooking food and other things that are needed for an event like this. To the blessing of God  Jamie Brack who runs  Explore Gods World Outdoor Ministry reach out and offered to donate their complete Kitchen trailer as well as shuttles and volunteers to drive the kayakers to their launch location and they even had volunteers cooking and clean. There were 24 complete strangers who drove from across the country some drove over 24 hours to be a part of the National meet-up

From this group our leadership has grown and changed Mike Kirby is now our VP along side with Santiago KFWC has grown nationally, we have Communities (ie Chapters) in 9 states, we have 18 Ambassadors thru these states represent KFWC.


In Spring 2018 Mike Kirby planned the 2nd annual KFWC National Meet-Up at Possum Kingdom State Park Texas, were folks once again came from all over the country. But this time some flew in some once again drove over 24 hours to attend but the greatest joy was the children that were attending.


KFWC had plenty of volunteers from within the family of KFWC we had a time of worship and singing, the sharing of testimonies and meals and the greatest movement was when God brought members forward to be Baptized 10 in all were recommitted or born again thru baptism.

With what God has been doing we hope that those of you reading this will take the step to join us in prayer for KFWC and possibly become a active member of KFWC. KFWC is on track to be a vessel used by God to bring strangers together to create long lasting friendships as well as stronger bounds in Christ Jesus.

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