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Nic &  Linseh Johnson

Nic Johnson is the Kansas ambassador for KFWC. Nic has been an avid fisherman his
entire life and enjoys kayaking and spending time studying God's word. He lives in the
small town of Oswego, KS and is only minutes away from the Missouri and Oklahoma
state lines. Nic is married to his wonderful wife, Linseh, and they have two children,
Andi and Lander. Nic and Linseh have several hobbies outside of work including
volunteering at their church, children's school, and community.
Nic grew up fishing in Southeast Kansas on the "Strip Pits:". This is a once mined
land area located in the heart of Southeast Kansas with abundant fishing areas. Where
the Johnsons live at they are only ten short minutes to the Oklahoma border and only
about an hour from Grand Lake of the Cherokees. Looking to the east, they are only
thirty minutes to the Missouri border to Shoal Creek and around two hours from the
famous Table Rock Lake.
There are still MANY more bodies of water around the beautiful state of Kansas and
surrounding areas still to mention! Nic and Linseh cannot wait to see where God takes
you with them!

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