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On this page you will find our ever growing KFWC Communities all over the country. God has started to bring in leaders and open doors, in order to spread His love.

Rhome Texas.jpg

This is our first of many more community to come outside of Florida. Mike Kirby is our in place Community Leader.

Rhome Texas

Mike Kirby and his beautiful Wife Shena, and 6 kids live just north of Fort Worth in the small country town of Rhome Texas. Mike and Shena have been Married for 5 year and blended their family of 3 girls and 3 boys ranging from the age of 24, 21, and 18 for the boys (yes these girls have BIG BROTHERS) 16, 13 and 8 for the girls. Their family enjoys pretty much anything outdoors, they hunt, fish, and love to Kayak. In the spare time (not much of with 6 kids) they enjoy working with charities, and helping others in the community. Mike loves to spend time with his family whether its fishing, hunting, Cheer comps, orchestra concerts, gymnastics, or just about anything with the family. Mike is a tournament kayak fisherman in the North Texas area and also directs a few charity tournaments throughout the year. Mike is always up to go fishing and meet new people in the community. Mike is a huge supporter of the Celebrate Recovery Ministry and working with those that struggle with addiction. Mike’s life scripture is

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